My Most Recent Challenging Learning Experience

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Kafilat Abdulwahab
·Jan 28, 2019·

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It all started 4 months ago when I heard about joining Andela as a fellow even if you have zero knowledge of coding. I was like wow! So, Andela will train me to become a software developer. I was so happy that I have found the easy way to achieving my dreams of becoming a software developer.

I proceeded to Andela website and fell more in love with the idea of software development. The information available on the website, the stories made my heart leap with so much joy. In my mind, I could picture myself as a world-class software developer with ideas of how I will build solutions to solve problems that people face since I am the type of person that derives joy in serving people and always yearn for an opportunity to solve problems. It was an awesome feeling that words can not describe.

Alas, I was wrong! Andela is not a training ground, but Andela provided me with the opportunity to learn and be a better version of me.

I got Andela homestudy curriculum and started learning, I have never come across a collection of helpful tutorials like it before. It is not that I am new to programming but I have not touched anything programming in the last four years.

There was so much to learn, yet I applied for the fellowship program. I learn and relearn. In the span of three months from little knowledge of programming concept, I learnt JavaScript, Object Oriented Programming, API concept, Test Driven Development, Git and Version Control, Data Structure, SQL, Agile development process, Project management, communication skill and the well deserved — Learning How To Learn.

I can say that I achieved all this because I adopted a growth mindset.

It is my first day at Andela Bootcamp. The last three months have been really challenging and fun at the same time — Oh my God! I just love learning and I look forward to tapping more into my capabilities, learning more while becoming a world-class Software Developer.

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