Growth Mindset: A Recent Adventure

Growth Mindset: A Recent Adventure

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Kafilat Abdulwahab
·Apr 15, 2019·

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What does a Growth Mindset mean to me?

Growth Mindset is acknowledging my current status and striving to become better.

Here is a story…

A few months ago, I participated in Andela’s cycle 41 Bootcamp but due to my skill level, I couldn’t proceed to the second week of the Bootcamp. I was not sad when I received the mail that I cannot proceed with the Bootcamp because I had evaluated myself and was honest about my shortcomings.

A day after, I was invited for a level-up program called, ALC with forloop.

ALC with forloop sounded promising and I was happy that I got a beautiful opportunity to get better at the new things that I came across during the Bootcamp. Alas, nature kicks in, I got unwell and couldn’t keep up with the ALC. After surviving the first round of eviction in the program I couldn’t survive the second round.

My Growth Mindset made me continue my quest to become a world-class Developer.

I stopped awhile and re-access the big picture which is becoming a world-class Developer, then I evaluated myself and accepted my skill gap. Thereafter, I put up a plan and set a S.M.A.R.T. goal.






I listed out the things needed to achieve my goal and made them available, some even warrant that I moved out of my comfort zone but I don’t mind, after all, the only thing that I can see is the big picture.

Part of what I did was to enrol on freeCodeCamp and followed the curriculum , purchased 2 courses on udemy, worked on my previous Andela Developer Challenge, bought an electricity generating set to fight epileptic power supply in my area and above all, instilled discipline in myself to remain focus, believe that success is achievable and that for every challenge that comes my way, it is to make me better than yesterday.

And guess what, I am ejoying the adventure.

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