Bootcamp: Adapting to Change

Bootcamp: Adapting to Change

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Kafilat Abdulwahab
·Apr 24, 2019·

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Cycle 43 Bootcamp started last week and today is the second day of week two.

Bootcamp is known for being fast-paced but I am keeping up with the tempo, quite better than how it was in my last Bootcamp.

I have had a number of great experience so far, some of which include:

  • Meeting with my LFA, teammates and other Bootcampers— I built rapport with them quite easily compare to how I will relate with a new set of people a few months ago.

  • I have gathered more knowledge of building a REST API with node.js and express.js due to a series of bug that I have encountered so far. I learnt how to debug and enjoy it because at the end of every debugging, it is either I add more knowledge or solidify what I know before then.

  • I did extensive research and spent a lot of time studying continuous integration (Travis, Coveralls, and Code Climate) was able to add it to my project without a glitch.

  • A look at the Network section of the Github Repository of my current project confirms how well I have improved on my adherence to git workflow and I will work to see to full adherence.

  • I now incorporate the habit that I have built from the use of Pivotal Tracker in my day to day activities, top of which is breaking up task to smaller bits, prioritize them and evaluate my progress more often and easily.

  • Working with Test frameworks like Mocha and Chai is now seamless due to the fact that I opened mind to Test Driven Development, a concept that used to be very strange to me.

  • I got to work with the database, it is fun!!! Although, I spent a whole day trying to connect to it. I did not allow that to disallow me from seeing the big picture because I was certain that there was going to be a solution.

In the last ten days, I have learnt and re-learnt. And I am looking forward to learning even more!!!

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