Andela EPIC Value: My Reflection

Andela EPIC Value: My Reflection

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Kafilat Abdulwahab
·Apr 16, 2019·

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Magic happens when we come together

To remain true to my personal mission of going out for the best in what I do resonates well with Andela’s value.

Andela’s core value is :





With Excellence in mind, I strive to exceed set expectations. I ask myself every time I am to carry out a task that does it worth doing? And if I answered yes, then I tell myself that means it is worth doing excellently.

If it is Worth Doing, then do it Excellently!

Passion is what gives the grit and the persistence that I exhibit in all the things that I choose to do. With this, I am able to inspire people around me to do that which I love to do and also derive motivation from people who are better than me in doing that which I have passion for.

Passion is my support system whenever I face setbacks.

Integrity is what I have come to love the most. Someone close to me always advises me and everyone around him: “never keep mute when you know you need to speak. If you lie, you only worsen your present situation. Always remember that two people won’t be deceived at the same time, if the person you are telling your lies doesn’t know, you will surely know that you are lying”.

Integrity is acknowledging the truth about myself. It reflects what my values are.

Collaboration. Even though I have always known how great collaboration is, today I happen to stamp on its importance again after how I was able to get over a blocker that I faced with my Bootcamp project throughout today. The fact that I see people around trying their best to unblock me and even share their own stories made it seems like it wasn’t a big problem. If I had been alone, I might spend days on the blocker. I am so happy that I got my teammates and LFA’s support. It was a wonderful experience.

Truly, Magic happens when we come together!

Andela is EPIC!Andela is EPIC!

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